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You can succeed on social if you create a clear and sustainable content plan that appeals to your target audience. It's really that simple!

Are you building engagement with your audience?

If you are measuring success with "Likes," then social media will not return your investment of time and money. Structured content planning is essential to reaching real customers.

We help you create a sustainable content plan that engages your audience.

You are probably already running social media accounts. We teach you how to run them better.

What we do for you:

Create a sustainable plan for producing and publishing content

Identify influencers and strategies for building relationships with them

Teach you how to measure real success on social media

Social Media Marketing Strategy: the secret to effective investment in social media

Are you ready to achieve scalable growth?
Is it time to bring your business to a larger market?

Our Social Media Marketing Strategy package is designed to ignite your marketing campaigns on Instagram and Facebook. Our comprehensive social media marketing strategy will enable you to grow your audience, engagement, and customer loyalty.

The Process:
Get started quickly and receive assistance as you scale

Initial Strategy Consultation

discuss limitations related to creating ongoing content and strategies for overcoming them. learn about your needs for prequalifying leads. define goals and key performance indicators.

Research Influencers and Hashtags for Growth

extensive research based on our first conversation. detailed list of influencers and hashtags to use for success. living document can scale to your needs.

Content Strategy and Measurement Consultation

make a sustainable plan for creating content. discuss tools to rapidly create and publish content. discuss measurements and metrics to get real ROI

Additional Software Training

additional software training available. many resources made available by video. in person training not included in the package.

The Deliverables:
What is in your Social Media Marketing Strategy?

Content production strategy for consistent stylized content

We show you the photos in your niche that get likes on Instagram and show you workflows that allow you to quickly recreate the same effects. We work with you to create a predictable and sustainable content strategy so you spend less time thinking about what you have to post.

Influencer identification and introduction snippets

We put together a list of the top 25 influencers to follow and emulate, as well as a list of 10 potential influencers you could set up partnerships with them. Even better, we include scripts for contacting influencers to build partnerships and engagement.

Flexible caption and hashtag strategy

We create a custom caption template for writing engaging content in less time. We research and provide a dynamic list of 150 hashtags that people in your audience actually use.

Calculated return on investment

Measure your return on investment in social media marketing with analytics that track what really matters. Measure if you are attracting, retaining, and converting potential customers, tracking users from Instagram and Facebook across your webpage with Facebook Pixel.

Our Promise:
We are here to help you succeed!

Our mission as an agency is to help your business succeed on its own. We shine a light on hidden areas of the marketing process and lay out frameworks for success. We work with clients we believe in, and our focus is on training them to use industry best practices.

Does that sound good to you?

Download the resource in the side-bar, and answer the questions in it to the best of your ability. We are available to discuss your responses over a one-hour session for only $50.

Marketing Strategy

Build engagement and create customer loyalty with a new comprehensive social media marketing strategy!

Tutorials on industry best practices

Defined goals and strategies

Customized style guide

Easy to follow templates

Satisfaction Guarantee


Strategy + Content Plan

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