Throwin' Shade, LLC: Pivoting in the Face of Adversity and Thriving in a New Market


The COVID-19 pandemic significantly impacted businesses worldwide, and Throwin' Shade, LLC, a festival tent rental company, was no exception. With festivals coming to a halt, the company faced a considerable challenge. However, the increasing demand for outdoor seating solutions for restaurants presented a unique opportunity for them to pivot and adapt.

The Challenge

As festival events ceased, Throwin' Shade, LLC's primary source of income vanished. They needed to adapt quickly to the changing market and find new ways to sustain their business.

Our Solution

Our team collaborated with Throwin' Shade, LLC to help them navigate this new market trend. We provided a range of services, including:

  1. Web Design & Development: Redesigned their website, adding a COVID-response page that showcased their ability to provide outdoor seating solutions for restaurants.
  2. Photo Editing: Enhanced images to highlight their shade structures and products.
  3. Copywriting: Crafted compelling content to engage potential customers.
  4. Marketing Strategy: Developed a targeted marketing approach to reach their new customer base.
  5. Brochure Design: Created a visually appealing and informative brochure to promote their offerings.

The Results

Throwin' Shade, LLC not only survived the acute phase of the pandemic but also adapted to new market trends and expanded their potential customer base. Our services helped them achieve specific business goals, improve their market position and competitive advantage, and contributed to the company's overall growth and success. The project provided long-term benefits, preparing them for the return of festival events.


The COVID-19 pandemic has undoubtedly presented numerous challenges for businesses. However, it also offers opportunities for those capable of adapting and pivoting. Throwin' Shade, LLC's story serves as an inspiration for other businesses seeking ways to overcome adversity and thrive in uncertain times.

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