Palisades Eatery

This classic Napa Valley restaurant has been thriving since 1989. They hired me to bring their web up to the present.

When I started working with Palisades Eatery their website had been down long enough that their menu had changed. It was time to make a serious update.

Web Development: web development, content management

Discussing what they needed in a website, I learned that Checkers needed a relatively straightforward website that would allow them to make changes to their menu and specials on a regular basis. Working from only a menu and six client photographs, I prepared and published this site in less than a week. I delivered the final product to Checkers with a set of video instructions detailing how to make changes to the menu.

Ongoing Work: search engine optimization, social profile management

Unfortunately, since their website had been down for so long, Checkers had lost most of its placement in search rankings. The first step to changing this was baked right into the website; clean, keyword optimized meta-data. The next step is linking the site to Google Search Console, which allows developers to submit custom sitemaps and force Google bots to crawl the site.

As a restaurant, Checkers must manage a number of online platforms that collect and display menus. From Yelp and Google My Business to Allmenus and SinglePlatform, there are myriad accounts that must need updated menu's. Part of our ongoing work will be to correct errors from these sources, thereby streamlining takeout ordering for customers and staff alike.

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