InMotion Physical Therapy

This physical therapy office provides the highest levels of patient care. We worked to build a website that delivers value to both their client and their office.

This project started when Brian's website crashed and he was unable to access any of his previous files. Calling me with a sense of urgency, Brian quickly decided it was time to update his website and add a more modern visual aesthetic. We discussed who his clients were, what they liked about the old site, what he hoped to get from his new site, and then set our project into motion.

Identity: competitive research, voice and copy

First, I jumped on the Wayback Machine recover the copy on his old site. It was a good start but Brian wanted to improve upon his previous website! I researched other physical therapists who were hoping to appeal to similar clientele, and began to put together some similarities on their websites. I scoured their sites for relevant keywords, and wrote optimized content that both to ranks on Google and clearly explains Brian's value to his prospective customers. Finally, I did extensive copy editing to ensure a consistent voice across all web copy.

Development: web development, responsive layout, publication troubleshooting

Next it was time to start building the website. We wanted to simplify and clarify the navigation, but still build a site with no less than five pages. We wanted large hero images at the top of each page, and bright images throughout each page. We wanted a simple sign up to receive free video content and a complex sign up to schedule appointments online.

Photography: stock photography selection and manipulation

To bring the website to life we decided to use bright imagery featuring athletic people of all ages. These images were chosen to communicate the brand promise to clients, inspiring them to believe that with a professional team they too could get back InMotion. It was important that these images fit with the style of the website with bright open white spaces, and color match the green and blue in the logo. Certain images required minor photoshop edits to match this brand identity. Impressively, the licensing for all the photographs used was less than $50!

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