Aloes in Wonderland: Santa Barbara's Rare Plant Nursery

This private plant nursery has hundreds of unique and endangered species. I work with Jeff Chemnick to grow his plants and his profits.

Strategy: target market identification, customer profiles, competitive analysis

Identity: logo, tagline, color scheme, voice and copy

Development: web development, content management

Photography: photography, videography, photo manipulation, video editing, visual style guide

Search Engine Optimization: google profile, google maps

Social Media Marketing: +1,000 instagram following

Direct to Consumer Sales: organized tours and sales events

Analytics: web traffic analysis

Aloes in Wonderland Logo by Al B. Goldin
Green text for use on white background. Yellow text for use over black or image backgrounds.
Aloes in Wonderland Stationary by Al B. Goldin
Letterhead and business card style.
Aloes in Wonderland Business Cards by Al B. Goldin
Logo and icon used in business cards.
Aloes in Wonderland on Google Maps by Al B. Goldin
Location tagged in Google Maps.
Aloes in Wonderland on Instagram by Al B. Goldin
Organic following of over 1,000 followers. Paid promotions only for event notifications. Average of +10 followers per post.
Aloes in Wonderland On-Site Sales by Al B. Goldin
Organized tours and direct to consumer sales.
Aloes in Wonderland Print Advertising by Al B. Goldin
Print advertising for Cactus and Succulent Society brochure.
Aloes in Wonderland Analytics by Al B. Goldin
Old v. New website comparison over 30 days. 500% increase in users, 350-1200% increase in session duration, 90-130% increase in pages per session.

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