Training ChatGPT to Write Unique Marketing Copy for Your Business

Train ChatGPT to create unique marketing copy for your business. Streamline content creation, generate creative ideas, and maintain consistent brand messaging.

Training ChatGPT to Write Unique Marketing Copy for Your Business

Generalized content from any Large Language Model (LLM) can be pretty mediocre. It's important to customize your content for your business so that it actually appeals to your customers. This article is going to cover the basics that you need to get started customizing AI content for your audience.

Teaching the AI about Your Brand

When writing ChatGPT prompts for your business, it is important to include at least two of the following in every prompt.

  1. Brand guidelines: Provide a clear description of your brand's voice, tone, and style. It can help to have a summarized positioning statement for your business that you can include in your prompts in order to consistently ensure it speaking from the perspective of your brand.
  2. Existing marketing materials: Collect samples of your current marketing copy to teach the model your preferred style. You will want to look for your highest performing content and train your LLM based on this. Remember, you can also train your A.I. model off of competitors marketing materials.
  3. Target audience: Define your target audience to create copy that resonates with them. Your audience should always be at the center of the writing, and using the story brand framework can be a great way to do this in ChatGPT.
Are your customers the HERO? Packed full of writing advice that is immediately useful to marketing your business, I highly recommend reading ‘Buliding a Story Brand’.

Tips for Successful Prompting

When you are building a library of prompts for your business marketing efforts, I find it is helpful to have a Google Doc open on the side. I prefer these to other word documents, because I can create hyperlinks between the documents, and they automatically retain a version history.

When testing a prompt, I will delete each chat log so the LLM has no memory, and copy the prompt from the Google Doc into a fresh chat. However, when I am using a prompt that is already generating consistent results I will use a single chat for that purpose, narrowly training the language model for the one task.

These are for basic techniques you should use when crafting prompts:

  • Use diverse examples: Provide various types of marketing copy to encourage a well-rounded understanding.
  • Emphasize key points: Highlight important aspects of your brand to ensure they are incorporated into the generated copy.
  • Monitor training progress: Regularly review generated content and adjust your training data if needed.
  • Test and iterate: Evaluate the generated marketing copy, refine your data, and retrain the model as necessary.

Benefits of Using ChatGPT for Marketing Copy

I doubt I need to explain why ChatGPT and other LLM's are revolutionary, or how the technology will impact the business of marketing… or generally the business of everything. I don't think this can be understated at this point, and you are probably reading this because you know that. Instead, I will offer three unique ways you can use chat GPT to benefit your marketing efforts.

Streamline content creation process

ChatGPT is excellent at translating text, by which I mean both literally between languages and between formats. For small business marketing, our main interest is in formatting changes. One example for this would be turning a blog post into an Instagram carousel or YouTube script.

Generate creative ideas and new angles

ChatGPT is an excellent way to outsource some brainstorming, provided somebody thoroughly reviews it's results. For example, you could give it a keyword and ask it for blog articles that would include that keyword. An important strategy, when doing this is to ask it to generate numerous responses by using prompts like, "Please generate a list of five fancy blog titles for this article."

Consistent brand voice and messaging

Because it is written by a robot, if your prompts are consistent, your responses will be consistent. This is youth useful, when ensuring that all of your content is has the right tone and message, but it is also helpful when generating sets of content that have consistent sub categories.


Training ChatGPT to write unique marketing copy for your business can save time and enhance your content creation process. By fine-tuning the model with carefully curated data, you can ensure the generated copy aligns with your brand's voice and style.

Get started with confidence.

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